Our Principles

The Broad Front is DEMOCRATIC. It promises to respect the constitutional order, in accordance with the system of representative democracy and defends the institutions of the Social State of Law. It sets itself up in the struggle for advanced democracy in all fields, including economic and cultural democracy. It promotes more participatory and direct forms of democracy.

The Amp lio Front is PROGRESSIVE. It is a transformative force, a real alternative to the concentrating and exclusionary neoliberal model.

The Broad Front is PATRIOTIC. It defends the national interest against the globalization of a neoliberal sign.

The Broad Front is SOCIALIST. Struggle for an inclusive, egalitarian, prosperous, cultured and sustainable society based on the values โ€‹โ€‹of humanism, illustration and socialism: freedom, equality, fraternity, solidarity, plurality, social justice.

The Broad Front is FEMINIST. It rejects the system of sexist and patriarchal domination. It promotes gender equality and parity democracy.

The Broad Front is an ECOLOGIST. Faced with predation, it claims ecological sustainability, the right of everyone to live in a healthy and decent living environment reasonably free from threats and dangers.

The Broad Front is HUMANIST. It subscribes and makes the Universal Declaration of Human Rights a banner of permanent struggle.

The Frente Amplio is PACIFISTA. It rejects terrorism and foreign armed interventions as a way to resolve conflicts between nations and peoples. Believe in dialogue and negotiation.

The Broad Front is POPULAR. It opens its doors to popular sectors and more advanced and organized social movements.

The Broad Front is PLURALIST. It provides an organizational framework capable of integrating diverse currents of progressive critical thinking.

The Broad Front is ETHIC. It embodies a moral and ethical renewal of political life, based on a frontal and unyielding struggle against corruption. The adoption of the principles of transparency and accountability ensure ethics in the public service.

The Frente Amplio is LATIN AMERICANIST. Closer links with forces capable of promoting the globalization of solidarity, and its political action will not be subordinated to provisions of Foreign Organizations or States, especially rejects any external taxation that undermines the sovereignty and independence of the Costa Rican State.