Our fight

My motivation to participate in all the political spaces where I have been involved has always been to contribute, in the best way that is within my reach, to our struggle to radically transform this country and this world into spaces of happiness, where all beings Human beings have a standing position and their dignity intact. Our struggle is for life, so that life in all its forms remains possible, against an invincible and suicidal capitalist system, which rejects people and nature alike and leads to an inevitable collapse. Therefore, it is a crucial, decisive, inescapable struggle. Solidarity or collective suicide, says Franz Hinkelamert.

Our fight is against a system that squanders watering golf courses, while millions do not have to drink. That causes 10% to consume and waste the resources of 3 planets like Earth, when millions on this planet have nothing to eat.

Our struggle is for the defense of collective goods, of the human community. Against a system that seeks to privatize everything for the benefit of almost anyone, water, nature, seeds, beaches, our social institutions, music, art, culture, knowledge, and Of all other collective creations of humanity.

Our struggle is for work to become a source of fulfillment and growth for people and not cause for suffering and degradation. Our struggle is for the exploited workers, those who fill their mouths talking about free trade do not even allow them the freedom to organize in unions. Our struggle is for landless peasant families who are forced to live in the slums of San Jose. Our struggle is the struggle of the people of Sardinal, the struggle of the people of Bambuzal, the communities of Milan, Cairo and France of Siquirres who suffer the pollution of the piñeras, of the people of our coasts and islands that are Evicted from their ancestral lands to give way to the casinos and luxury condominiums of those who finance the government party campaign. Our struggle is against the infamous treaties who want to write all these injustices in stone because they know that the people do not tolerate them anymore.

But our struggle is also against a patriarchal system that systematically discriminates against and humiliates women (half of the population) and conceives them as objects that can be possessed, mistreated and bribed. Against an adult-centric system that ignores and treats young people as half people and only recognizes them average rights, cheap labor, cannon fodder, except when it comes to jail or flagging the elections. Against a homophobic system that tolerates the existence of gay, lesbian, transgender people, as long as they hide, they renounce to express their affection in public, to marry, to have children, like all other people, that is a good part of their human dignity. Against a system that denies and kills creativity and rich cultural diversity and artistic manifestations of humanity, imposing an unbearable uniformity. Our struggle is against all those vertical, authoritarian, bureaucratic, centralist forms of power that are terrified of people’s participation and deny the communities their right to design and build their own destiny. Our struggle is to recover democracy, against a corrupt political system that is only sustained by the vile blackmail of humble workers and the purchase of votes, or rather, the permanent humiliation suffered by many people who force them to kneel and thank them for Receive benefits and social benefits that the rest of the town pays.

Our struggle is against all forms of oppression, domination and exploitation of the human being whatever his name. Because all these are different heads of the same monster.

In the Frente Amplio we understand this clearly, so that more and more fighters and fighters from the most diverse social sectors approach our party in the hope of finding a common house of fraternal encounter, of permanent dialogue, of coherence between what Which is said and done and fought without hesitation against the common enemy. Congratulations on that and the Frente Amplio grows.

But we can not lose sight of the fact that the central objective is our struggle. It is not very useful for the Frente Amplio to elect many deputies and councilors if these positions are not at the service of our people’s struggles, if they do not contribute to facilitating popular mobilization, our conscience, our Organization, our resistance in the streets, in the neighborhoods, in the communities. It is useless to elect deputies, if that does not contribute to add, to gather forces to form a new social majority, a new real power.