Opencart Rest API benefits

Before going into the details of the OpenCart Rest API, let’s take a look at what really OpenCart is. OpenCart is basically an online resource that is built to make interaction between merchants and customers easy. As OpenCart is open source, which means that a lot of people from all around the world have or are working on this. OpenCart solution gives you the ability to boost your business with search engine friendly user interface. If you are an owner of any online business or an online retailer, you will surely be needing shopping functionality in your website and OpenCart is one of the easy and latest option to help you and your customers to complete the shopping task efficiently and easily.

OpenCart is famous for its reliable and professional foundation for a successful online store. This foundation easily appeals to a wide variety of users including web developers who are looking for a user-friendly interface to business owners who are launching their online business for the first time. OpenCart solution includes an extensive set of features that gives a strong hand over the customization of online store. Below are some of the benefits of using OpenCart with Opencart Rest API:

Variety of Plugins

The OpenCart system offers a wide variety of plugins and the latest free version offers about 1500 plugins which helps in customizing your website to meet your and your customers’ needs.

Full technical Support

As OpenCart is open source so its community is pretty huge and you will get a good amount of technical support for all your questions and difficulties. There are many community forums where developers and customers engage in discussion and improvements.

Friendly Script

The OpenCart’s script structure is based entirely on popular MVC (Model-View-Controller) approach. As the script is so popular, there is plenty of help in the cyberspace which gives you easy access to help whenever needed.

Server Resources

After careful consideration, OpenCart doesn’t include many extra features which its competitors might have just to be light on the server. But adding few plugins shouldn’t affect the efficiency and speed of your website at all. Adding tons of useless plugins might affect the speed and efficiency to you and your user’s experience but having just a few basic and important features makes OpenCart unique.

Easy Dashboard

OpenCart’s admin panel is particularly easy for news users to understand immediately. The openCart’s admin panel is easy, clear and neat which can be easily understood and managed.

OpenCart Rest API

The OpenCart Rest API is an application program interface which allows the developers to integrate shopping cart functionality into their own webshops and systems to manage the inventory and checkout process. OpenCart Rest API includes methods for reading, creating, updating and deleting store data. This API supports OpenCart versions 1.5 and higher. As the OpenCart already provides the rest API so we only need to learn how to use that API in our custom shopping websites and systems.

OpenCart 2.x API

From OpenCart 2.x onwards, latest API system is introduced which allows the third party apps to communicate with the OpenCart store for the better integration capabilities. Now let’s get familiar with this API.

OpenCart Rest API Configuration

To use the OpenCart API methods,one will have to login first. The login API credentials for the users are then managed from OpenCart’s admin panel usually by going to System > Users > API. It’s better to create new credentials which is pretty straight forward. After creating your new credentials you are actually ready to play with the API.

Logging In with OpenCart Rest API

After logging in, your URL should look like this:

The method part in the URL is optional, you can remove the method from URL if you then need to call the index() function. In order to call the default login, your request URL will be:

Don’t forget that request type must be POST type and data should be “username” and “password”.

Adding Product to Cart using the OpenCart Rest API

After the login process, you can now easily interact with the API. In order to add the product to your cart, your URL will be:

In this basic form URL, the method takes the product_id and quantity without any extra information.

Covering all of the basic OpenCart Rest API features here is close to impossible, but new users to this system must inspect all files in the documentation in your catalog/controller/api/directory. This will help in giving you the complete picture on what you could actually do with this API.

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